Monday, September 21, 2009


My Story: Losing the Weight and Staying Skinny
In The City

by Ariane Frial
Los Angeles, CA

In 2004, I weighed an overwhelming 250 lbs. I was down and out, and feeling like there was absolutely no outlet or inspiration for me to GET FIT. It wasn't so much about being stick thin, but feeling good and losing the weight healthily. I was just starting college at the time; very stressed with endless exams, and needed to gain a positive perspective to jump start my journey.

In three months, I lost 24 lbs., by watching my caloric intake and eating the right portioned meals. For once, there was no fast food-- and no fried left overs from the night before. Though soon the pounds stopped melting as fast as they were, initially.

My body and mind went through several troughs-- and moments where giving up seemed to be an easy way to say "Well, I did my best." In four more months and lots of blood, sweat, and tears..I gradually went
from a size 22 to a 6! Running and brisk walking
became a favorite activity..and something I swore
I had hated for many years. Seemingly, staying slim and lean was my object of hope ..and giving it my best shot every time served as a new beginning.

Over the scope of under a year, I got into a size 2
for the first time in my life. I had abs!!!! for crying out loud. :) Everything felt better and everything I doubted came true. In February 2005-- the chubby girl with no
self esteem and lack of self confidence became a confident and happy woman. A woman who lost a total of 140 lbs but gained her OWN strength-- and got her life back healthily now as a sassy skinny in the city! *